Voice Confidence

Communication Skills for Life

Educating young people to understand how voice and active listening works, boosting self-esteem and improving health and wellbeing.

Voice Confidence offers educational support to schools and colleges to help young people improve speaking skills.

Voice Confidence teaches young people how to be actively listened to and be clearly understood – one of humanity’s greatest challenges.

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Working collaboratively with schools and colleges,
young people will learn how to:

Understand the creation of voice and its health (physically and mentally)

Express thoughts clearly when speaking aloud

Energise audiences

Develop love of language and literature

Voice Confidence was created to raise the profile of the importance of voice learning in schools and colleges, especially in relation to young people’s health and wellbeing and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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Voice Confidence offers learning support through:

Culturally in the UK,
the word voice is more often associated with singing and the curriculum subject of Music.

Voice Confidence focuses on the life skill of using the speaking voice as part of everyday life, including in front of an audience,
of any size.

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Our Values

Everyone deserves to be heard and have access to voice learning.


Treat everyone fairly


Celebrate the joys of difference


Consideration for others


Learn from making mistakes

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“Lessons have been such a positive experience for me. It has helped me to
overcome my struggles with public speaking and provided a huge boost to my

I Bowman, pupil

“My lessons with Lucy Willis have boosted my confidence immensely. I learn so much important and interesting information about the body, voice and speaking to an audience. It has helped with my vocabulary and literature too. Mrs Willis is truly joyful and an inspirational teacher.”

L Capps, pupil